“Two super cool farmers who do super cool things, buy their food or else.” -Raaga Kanakam

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

CSA is a system that gives community members the opportunity to invest in Saticoy Depot efforts directly. You can buy a share of our harvest for the whole growing season. (6 months, typically June-November.) We will then deliver a monthly CSA share to your doorstep.

Decolonized Delivered

When you purchase a CSA share, you agree to receive an assortment of Saticoy Depot agricultural products to be delivered on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Sunday of every month. We will determine which Sunday of the month based on your location. (We serve Ventura County and South Santa Barbara County and you will receive your CSA on the same Sunday of every month.) You also agree to receive a non-customizable assortment of products. What we have available on the farm that week is what will be in your delivery.

Join Our Barangay/Barrio

Barangay and barrio are Tagalog and Spanish words, respectively, for village or neighborhood. By joining ours, you will be added to our curated newsletter with recipes and insider news on the highs and lows of farming at Saticoy Depot.

Sliding Scale Prices





Your monthly CSA delivery will include 4-5 products freshly harvested from the farm and will occasionally add value-added products when they are available. Being a CSA shareholder, you will also get to try new vegetables from our test garden that will not be available to anyone else! Don’t worry if you don’t know how to work with some products, we will send you our monthly newsletter with recipes and cooking tips. 

Our sliding scale option allows you to invest what you can into Saticoy Depot’s CSA program at the beginning of the growing season. You can contribute $20-$35 per month, which helps us provide you with diverse and unique vegetables that are grown chemical-free! 

Reminder that you will not be able to customize your CSA share or decide which Sunday of the month we deliver to you.