Why are we called Saticoy Depot?

Do you notice the similarity between the picture above and our logo? Daniel’s childhood home once sat across the street from the historic train station in Saticoy and now it is home to our decolonized urban farm.

We actually started Saticoy Depot hundreds of miles away, in Iowa, inspired by the idea of bringing people together around food, as travel does, and pressing forward long distances for new adventures.

Our namesake, the historic Saticoy Depot, is a symbol of resilience, growth, and history–especially now as we enter a decolonized journey where we can reflect on food and the diaspora of its stewards.

We now tend to our decolonized urban farm that offers us safety, love, nourishment, and sustenance in return. This land has been a safe space for both Sierra and Daniel in the past and continues to be so now in a new form. We honor it and in doing so, it honors the collective efforts of all those that have brought us to this destination of decolonization through food.


Saticoy Depot was started in 2019 by us, Sierra and Daniel, to share our cultures through food. We opened as a bakery at the Waterloo Urban Farmers Market in Waterloo, Iowa and became known for our pan dulce conchas and concha cookies. We expanded to offer produce and beverages. 

2021 was a tumultuous year with global and national events that were collectively traumatic. We were also faced with racism in their backyards that led to heartbreak and ultimately, a relocation back to California.

In our time away from Saticoy, a series of unfortunate events led to the demolition of Daniel’s intergenerational home. In this tragedy, a gift was offered. We, with help from friends and family, began to regenerate this land and exchanged healing between person and earth. We worked with just 1/8th of an acre and grew our first full crop season in 2021. We have grown a total of 400 pounds of vegetables to date.

With backgrounds in food access and education, we aim to provide products and services that align with our mantra, “Thoughtful food, empowered people, and heartfelt connections.” Our mission is to deepen these three values, which has led us to a journey of decolonization. Saticoy Depot works in a culture free from the colonizer’s values of: white supremacy, capitalism, and patriarchy. 

Thoughtful Food

Pre-contact foods are foods consumed by our ancestors prior to contact with colonizers. We grow foods from the Philippines and Mexico because that is where our ancestors are from. At Saticoy Depot, decolonization is not necessarily going back to the old ways. We understand that cultural relevance and food memory are just as powerful. 

Empowered People

All power to all of the people. Food is one of the main ways colonizers oppressed our ancestors historically and this oppression occurs today. Saticoy Depot seeks to inspire others to take power into their own hands and seek decentralized sources for food whether you decide to buy from us, buy from a farmers market, grow your own, or trade with a neighbor! 

Heartfelt Connections

Food is love. Through this practice of growing and eating pre-contact foods, Saticoy Depot hopes to find connection within the diaspora. Connecting and rising together is the ultimate gift we can give ourselves and a way to honor those who have come before us.